I provide consultations virtually.

My time and my expertise are only available to a selected élite clientele.

I can only work with people who are action takers, really ready to invest, totally comitted.

Year-long 1:1

Transformative Experience

90 Days 1:1

Accelerator Program

Private VIP

Intensive Day

A pragmatic support on my journey to change

"Over the past few years, I decided to shake up my professional life and to do so, I sought out professionals who could help me. I met Angela Santi in an interview with a mutual friend who is a professional in the industry. I knew right away that Angela was the coach I was looking for, and that she could support me on my journey to change. And so it was. Angela is very knowledgeable and pragmatic. She was able to pick up on my weaknesses and give me the tools to address them. Appointments with Angela became a routine that are still helping me in my daily life. To those who, like me, believe that the support of a competent professional is an added value, I recommend contacting Angela even if only for a pleasant chat. Good work to all."

Ada Lazzari - Cost accounting, budgeting and performance analysis consultant

Success and time for myself

"Ça va sans dire: investing in yourself always pays off... being accompanied by Angela is a guarantee of success! From the coaching sessions to the visioning maps and weekly focuses, Angela's appointments are always full of food for thought, practical advice and useful tools to achieve my goals. I really appreciate her pragmatic approach focused on work-life balance, her openness and the grit with which she manages to convey her great experience... an energetic support that can be felt even with online sessions! Today I like to say that I use the "Angela" method often in various areas of my life 🙂 THANK YOU! “

Pauline Rondeau - Product Manager

A boost for my business and for my life

"After months of putting it off, I finally contacted Angela for an intensive VIP DAY a couple of months ago. Today I regret not having done it sooner! Thanks to her professionalism and to her charismatic personality, Angela was able - in just one day - to give a huge boost to my business and my life, by helping me strategize the right way and by teaching how to effectively and efficiently approach every step. She also gave me that extra bit of courage and confidence in myself, based on practical and effective tools. Thank you Angela!"

Marika Ceppaglia - Business Owner