Angela Santi 

Dolce VITA Lifestyle Designer

I empower visionary, overloaded business leaders worldwide to be successful while enjoying the sweet life the way Italians do

You are highly gifted, high achiever, action taker, multitasking, workaholic high caliber consultant or solo entrepreneur.

You are a leader in your industry, your business is growing so you are constantly spinning your wheels and feeling exhausted at the end of your day.

You are a perfectionist operation ninja, controller, multitasker.

You are lost in your business.

Your life looks amazing on the outside, but deep inside you are feeling that something is missing…. that you are sacrificing your quality of life in the name of success.

I hear you.

I was in your shoes. For decades I was believing that I had to choose between success and personal life and I was neglecting my passions, my health, my relationships. I was thriving but feeling miserable inside.

I was in your shoes.

For decades I was believing that I had to choose between success and personal life and I was neglecting my passions, my health, my relationships. I was thriving but feeling miserable inside.

I was living on autopilot, and I was convinced that there was no way out my golden cage.

Then life's wake up calls arrived.

My mother died of cancer, then the 2008 global automotive and real estate crisis violently hit, and I lost everything I had, and I was diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid disease.

That was when forced to reconsider my business, my life, my values, my mindset, my habits… I realized that no one would give me back the time I had lost, the relationship I had neglected, the interests and the vitality I had sacrificed in the name of success.

I also discovered that it wasn’t my fault: I just was living according to an old paradigm, one that I was taught and that wasn't mine.

I remember the day I was sitting in my garden telling myself. "We only have one life, I want to stop wasting it chasing a kind of success that is not aligned to who I truly am and to my values".

I discovered that success and a joyful life are the two sides of the same coin and self-actualization means making an impact while living the life that you desire, one that is aligned to your values and with your authenticity.

So I made one single game-changing choice: committing no matter what to continue to make my business flourish while living a wonderful life.

That's why I can tell you

You CAN have success AND a fulfilling, meaningful life!

The secret it to optimize your routines and habits according to the four pillars of success and dolce vita. Here is what they are!

Just think for a moment what happens when you get off the hamster wheel and put bliss in your daily life while creating powerful habits that allow you to embrace your vision in a way that feels effortless and authentic for you. See yourself managing your success and day-by-day life with ease and liveliness.

Imagine what it looks like to stop being the operation ninja of your business and become a full time strategist, from having a self-employed job to being the CEO of your business. See the reactive Jack of all Trades of your business and your family transformed into the empowered leader so that you can own your time, show up intentionally, focus on what matters the most and a huge impact while having freedom and fun.

Feel the ripple effect of your allowing you to savour space for downtime and pleasure from a place of absolute satisfaction replenishing your energies and spirits.

Are you ready ?

Discover how I guide business leaders - just like you - to be successful while enjoying their life to the fullest.


I bring a fun and energized approach to custom 1:1 coaching experiences where we examine your current successes, mindset blocks, professional or personal challenges, and long-term goals and create shifts through my Dolce VITA methodology: Vitality, Illumination, Techniques, and Assets.

Our primary goal in our work together is to embody the mantra Discipline Is Freedom. 

I provide consultations virtually. My time and expertise are only available to a selected élite clientele of  action takers, really ready to invest in themselves and in their business, totally committed to their vision.

Six Months 1:1

One Day Intensive

A pragmatic support on my journey to change

"Over the past few years, I decided to shake up my professional life and to do so, I sought out professionals who could help me. I met Angela Santi in an interview with a mutual friend who is a professional in the industry. I knew right away that Angela was the coach I was looking for, and that she could support me on my journey to change. And so it was. Angela is very knowledgeable and pragmatic. She was able to pick up on my weaknesses and give me the tools to address them. Appointments with Angela became a routine that are still helping me in my daily life. To those who, like me, believe that the support of a competent professional is an added value, I recommend contacting Angela even if only for a pleasant chat. Good work to all."

Ada Lazzari - Cost accounting, budgeting and performance analysis consultant

Success and time for myself

"Ça va sans dire: investing in yourself always pays off... being accompanied by Angela is a guarantee of success! From the coaching sessions to the visioning maps and weekly focuses, Angela's appointments are always full of food for thought, practical advice and useful tools to achieve my goals. I really appreciate her pragmatic approach focused on work-life balance, her openness and the grit with which she manages to convey her great experience... an energetic support that can be felt even with online sessions! Today I like to say that I use the "Angela" method often in various areas of my life 🙂 THANK YOU! “

Pauline Rondeau - Product Manager

A boost for my business and for my life

"After months of putting it off, I finally contacted Angela for an intensive VIP DAY a couple of months ago. Today I regret not having done it sooner! Thanks to her professionalism and to her charismatic personality, Angela was able - in just one day - to give a huge boost to my business and my life, by helping me strategize the right way and by teaching how to effectively and efficiently approach every step. She also gave me that extra bit of courage and confidence in myself, based on practical and effective tools. Thank you Angela!"

Marika Ceppaglia - Business Owner

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